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- How to ensure your customer journey orchestration is built on the premise of customer-centricity. The Gist Ensure journey orchestration prioritizes customer needs over brand expectations. Establish balanced attention to both customer and business objectives in your strategy. Create outcomes that benefit both customers and the business, fostering loyalty and growth. Customer journey orchestration promises improvements to the customer experience by offering brands the ability to tailor the steps, ... [Read More]

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- Discover how to streamline your martech stack, drive real ROI and improve customer experience. A "more is better" notion in marketing technology results in cluttered and inefficient stacks, overspending, underutilization and poor ROI. It's time to prioritize a strategic and holistic view of your company's martech stack and create a lean, efficient, results-driven marketing technology infrastructure. Learn how a marketing technology optimization framework benefits marketing organizations, ... [Read More]

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- With the introduction of ChatGPT, one question in every marketer's mind is how AI will transform the field of content marketing. Furthermore, AI will significantly change how content marketers create content. Here, we will examine how AI is changing the content creation and marketing landscape. AI has been making inroads with its cutting-edge technology in all fields, from pharmaceuticals, entertainment, sports, research, aviation etc. But one field in which AI has made its headway in a brief ... [Read More]

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- Digital marketing has been possible because of search engines and social media, which created marketers to meet where customers are on the internet. Brands and companies have already invested in their marketing game online, and there are several reasons why they are trying to invest in digital marketing. Moreover, get to look at how digital marketing works on different platforms. 1. SEO Digital marketers use search engine optimization to increase traffic by increasing their search engine ... [Read More]

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- Would it surprise you that a whopping 1% of decision makers believe that B2B marketing shows a meaningful understanding of the human experience? Read that again. This is a finding from The Power of Provocation Report . Granted, the report is based on responses from only 175 business decision makers. However, all of them are C-level (CMO, CFO, CIO, CCO, COO, CEO). The top two industries (71%) – financial services and technology companies. Going back to the stat above – less than 2 ... [Read More]